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Swann-Morton are the ubiquitous brand for scalpels and blades across the sign and graphics industries, and it is easy to see why. Sheffield steel manufactured to surgical quality standards. Swann-Morton have many years of evolving their products with a single goal, to produce the very finest scalpels and blades.

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6 product ranges

  1. Swann-Morton No.3 Scalpel Handle
    Swann-Morton No.3 Scalpel Handle
    The industry standard craft scalpel with disposal blade
  2. Swann-Morton ACM Scalpel Handle
    Swann-Morton ACM Scalpel Handle
    A fixed blade scapel handle with a knurled grip
  3. Swann-Morton No.11 Scalpel Blades - 100 Pack
    Swann-Morton No.11 Scalpel Blades - 100 Pack
    With a fine tip and a low profile for added precision

6 product ranges