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Products not listed?
Metamark self-adhesive vinyl products that are not listed here have not been classified as 'Class B'. For these, the fire rating will be a function of the substrate, and would be self extinguishing.

Metamark also has fire ratings for many Digital Banner and Textile products. Refer to the individual data sheets.

Fire Ratings

European 'Class B' - For Metamark Self-Adhesive Vinyl Products

A wide range of Metamark self-adhesive vinyl products are 'classified' as compliant with the European standard for reaction to fire, BS EN 13501-1:2007. A full list of compliant products are listed below.

Sign Vinyl
Digital Media
Metamark Crystal, Dusted & Silver Etch MetaGuard 300
MetaScape Crystal, Dusted & Silver Etch MetaGuard MGE
These Metamark products have a fire rating of 'Class B'. The full classification of these Metamark vinyls, for 'Fire behaviour', 'Smoke Production', and 'Flaming droplets' is 'B / s2 / d0'.
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Note: This rating only applies when the vinyl is applied to substrates of a density greater than or the same as plasterboard, which is 800kg/m3, since the substrate to which a self-adhesive product is applied to will affect its fire performance. This includes steel, aluminium, glass. The above classification is defined as suitable for construction applications, excluding flooring and linear pipe thermal insulation.

There is no official correlation between Class B and other standards such as BS 476. A product that meets Class B may also meet BS Class 0 and vice versa but one is not directly equivalent to the other.

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