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  Colour Palette Downloads
For Metamark SignVinyl
Download free Metamark Sign Vinyl colour palettes, to import into your design software. These colour palettes, available for Metamark 7 Series and other Sign Vinyl Series, allow you to design in Signlab, Flexi Family v6-8 and Adobe Illustrator and Corel, with Metamark Sign Vinyl colours, to simplify designing for vinyl cut graphics.
4 Series
7 Series
T Series
Flexi Family
Adobe Illustrator
Signlab 8
  Do you want to match Metamark 7 Series colours with digital print?
  To print a colour to close to Metamark 7 Series colours, the above Illustrator downloads have been calibrated to give a good likeness when the output device is a Roland 4 colour printer. It is still always best to check the printed colour and adjust the design file to acheive the correct colour. (The other colour palettes are not calibrated to do this)
  Approximate CMYK and Pantone® Values
  We are also pleased to offer approximate Pantone® and CMYK values for Metamark 7 Series for Illustrator. This allows you to communicate the colour make up with designers .

Click here for approximate CMYK and Pantone® chart [pdf] »
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