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Metamark e-Brick.

Metamark has launched a new 'e-Brick' app for Android which makes it even easier to select and match Metamark SignVinyl colours.

Metamark’s hefty “Brick” SignVinyl and Speciality Materials swatch now has a somewhat lighter-weight e-cousin. The e-Brick takes a useful chunk of Metamark’s Brick’s contents, the 4 Series and 7 Series SignVinyl ranges, and packs it into an intuitive and easy-to-use app that makes material colour selection and specification even easier still.

The new app uses the phone's camera to capture images of anything its user might want to survey. The captured images can be saved and subsequently examined in close detail using a touch-controlled cursor. The app dynamically calculates and displays the closest available Metamark SignVinyl matches for the image area under the cursor’s focus.

Captured images and corresponding selected matches can be saved for future reference and the entire swatch can also be browsed without making a match reference to an image. Full product data sheets are also stored within the app and it’s possible to e-mail Metamark directly from the application too.

A Metamark spokesperson says, "It’s unlikely that the e-Brick will replace the real-world article, but it's just another example of how Metamark strives to make itself easy to deal with, and its products easy to choose and to buy."

The app is available now free of charge to download, following the links.
Follow the link below to download the Metamark App.
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