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Heat Transfer Flex for Use on Textiles and Garments
MetaTex is a high quality heat transfer film, for garment markings, promotional T shirts, sportswear and workwear. The high-quality polyurethane film has an attractive matt, reflection-free surface laminated with a thermal adhesive. It is washable at 60'C and is recommended for use with a heat transfer press. This Heat transfer Flex can be applied to Cotton, Cotton / Polyester Mix and Polyester / Acrylic Mix. Click on the 'application guidelines' link for more information.
  MetaTex Heat Transfer Flex for Textiles
  - Matt Polyurethane
  - Thermally Activated Adhesive
  - Polyester Transfer Film
  - MetaTex Finishes: 22 Standard Colours / 2 Fluorescent
  - Machine washable at 60'C
  MetaTex - Colour Chart
   MX-500  MX-556  
   MX-521  MX-555  
   MX-510  MX-551  
   MX-530  MX-565  
   MX-536  MX-560  
   MX-532  MX-562  
   MX-533  MX-567  
   MX-543  MX-571  
   MX-545  MX-570  
   MX-581  MX-591  
   MX-583  MX-590  

   For colour matching notes on CMYK and Pantone
   please click here..>

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