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TNT Update - 29/06/17
  TNT Update  

TNT are currently experiencing interference to some of their systems, which in turn has caused delays to some of our deliveries.

They are implementing remediation steps as quickly as possible, to support any interruption to delivery operations and access to their tracking systems.
We regret any inconvenience and will update you with any changes.
1000 Companies to Inspire Britain
  1000 Companies to Inspire Britain   Metamark has been identified as one of London Stock Exchange’s 1000 Companies to Inspire Britain. The report is a celebration of the UK’s fastest-growing and most dynamic small and medium sized businesses...read more »
New from Metamark - DécorMark Wall Coverings
  New from Metamark - DécorMark Wall Coverings   Inspiring spaces, a new perspective on wall decor...
The Metamark DécorMark range of digitally printable materials helps you deliver highly marketable transformational decor that’s attractive and durable, easily printed, easily applied and installed to walls and other surfaces. DécorMark materials are all you need to develop new opportunities and win new customers in domestic, retail, industrial and other rapidly growing markets...read more..>
Metamark Scores Praise from Industry
  Metamark Scores Praise from Industry   Car wrapping is a hot topic at the moment, and Metamark is up with the frontrunners in supplying film to sign-makers offering this service.
The company’s MetaWrap MD-X has proved extremely popular in the industry, prompting one company to speak out about why they think MD-X is currently the best product in the market...read more »
Taking Wayfinding, Way Further
Links Signs and Graphics looks beyond directory sign systems and finds its way to something bigger and brighter…
Practically every multi-storey building has one or more and, dependent upon whether it’s an architectural feature, or a forgotten non-public area, a stairwell can be a mixed experience for the foot-traffic that has to use it.

Clearly, pedestrian traffic moving through stairwells needs to know on what floor it finds itself and, possibly, what else it’ll find at that level, room numbers would be a good example. If such information is absent, time is wasted and safety too may be compromised.

For as long as the problem has existed, the solution that’s found it has been the systemised directory sign. These signs identify the floor number and the rooms available at a given level. They don’t contribute much to improving the ambience in what might be an overlooked part of an otherwise attractive building though and message legibility is sometimes seconded to the aesthetic.

Taking Wayfinding, Way Further  
It doesn’t have to be that way, as a recent installation for Liberty Living on behalf of a Blackpool based construction company by Links Signs and Graphics proves.....read more »

Wondrously Welsh
  Wondrously Welsh   Is less really more? Vital Signs’ work for Wondrously Welsh makes a very compelling case that says it is…
Vital Signs used MD5 for the projecting sign’s graphics and the theme is continued on the shop’s windows. Again, it’s just the simplicity and quality that radiate through the Metamark laminate that protects the whole installation....read more »
A First Class Job
  A First Class Job   A first class job is the combination of personal skill, the right materials and the best equipment...
Printed on Artsigns’ HP Latex printer and applied to the new trade-counter premises’ windows, the ClearVision Graphic clearly promotes the Sprayshop brand and maintains a clear view out, for those within....read more »
A Great Day Out
  A Great Day Out   Signspeed transforms an interior space with striking wall graphics and Metamark media…
Application to the prepared surface was made all the easier by the Metamark print media’s MetaScape air egress feature which doesn’t give trapped air a chance. Print quality is typical of Metamark MD-Class media in skilled hands...read more »
Wrapped - But Not in Newspaper
Wrapped - But Not in Newspaper   A superb wrap by Severn Signs will be turning heads this summer…
MetaWrap MD-X was used for the parts of the wrap where surfaces were challenging and Metamark MD5 features on the flat panel work. Despite using two media, colour matching is flawless and application highly skilled...read more »
Fast Wrap
Fast Wrap   Metamark MD-X Turns Heads in the VW Racing Cup…
the challenge was faced and overcome by Metamark’s MetaWrap MD-X and its mechanically matched laminate. The well proven wrap-masters’ ensemble was expertly printed on an Epson GS6000 and the colourful results are exactly what a lime-green vehicle needs to obscure its true colours...read more »
On the Road to Le Mans
On the Road to Le Mans   A couple of sensational liveries by Elite Signs go down well in France…
The livery was colour-matched to original references and then printed on
MetaWrap MD-X – reproduction and colour fidelity, all agreed, was perfect. Elite’s application team, Barrie and Nicky, then applied the printed and laminated MD-X livery components to the car...read more »
Distinctive Wraps from J.Cody Signs
Distinctive Wraps from J.Cody Signs   The latest head-turner from J. Cody Signs…
Vehicle wraps are supposed to get attention, make people look and remember. It’s no accident the latest wrap from J. Cody Signs in Grimsby does just that and more. The design starts with a total coverage of matt black onto which contrasting elements in contour-cut and printed MetaWrap MD-X are expertly applied...read more »
Self Promotion at its Best
Self Promotion at its Best   Customised Graphics Turns Heads With Metamark MD-X..
When a business sets out to promote itself it had better do the job well. When that business is using the very medium it’s actually selling in the cause of its own promotion, it had better do a simply outstanding job. Waterlooville based Customised Graphics UK Ltd has done just that....read more »
Powerful Print
Powerful Print   Signs Express Plymouth works wonders with etch effect film...
Metamark Etch Effect Films are designed and manufactured according to production processes Metamark also uses for its printable, MD-Class media and for good reason – Metamark Etch Effect Films are printable too. ...read more »
Supplier of the Year
Metamark FASTSIGNS® Award

Metamark is delighted to announce that it has been recognised by winning the FASTSIGNS® Supplier Of The Year Award, 2012. It is the fourth time in succession that Metamark has won the award which was presented at the Holiday Inn, Stratford Upon Avon. The trophy, received by Metamark’s National Sales Manager, Karen Marshall, and Territory Manager, Andy Clay, from Fastsigns’ Managing Director, Garth Allison, now sits alongside the others in Metamark’s boardroom at its headquarters in Lancaster.

“I’m speaking for everyone at Metamark when I say we’re beyond delighted to have been recognised again as Fastsigns’ Supplier Of The Year,” said Karen Marshall. “I know the effort we invest in maintaining our service levels and the creative and technical talent that’s behind our products. Fastsigns’ businesses vote for Metamark everyday by buying our products and we’re most appreciative of that, the award though puts a special and enduring seal on what we value as a great relationship.”

Garth Allison, Fastsigns’ Managing Director later added, “We like doing business with Metamark. It’s a company that delivers, a company that does what it says it will. The products are right and the service we’re extended is clearly something Fastsigns’ franchisees like. They all have a choice, that choice is reflected in the award they’ve again presented to Metamark.”
Metamark’s CEO, Paul French added his thanks and said, “Awards like Fastsigns’ recognise service as much as products. For that reason and others I’m really happy that we’ve been recognised. We now turn our attention to doing as much as it takes and more to build on what we’ve achieved as we approach the coming year. I’d like to thank all at Fastsigns for the award and the team at Metamark who did what it takes to earn it.”    Supplier of the Year
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