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PVC Banner Fabric
For Solvent, Eco Solvent, UV and Latex
Metamark’s MD-Class printable Digital PVC banner fabrics are all fire rated for internal or external use, and suitable for use with most modern digital ink types.
PVC Banner Fabric
  PVC Banner Fabrics
  Product Description
  Metamark MD-FL440 Event Banner 440gsm PVC Banner Fabric
<1 yrs
440 gsm
  Metamark MD-FL500 Premium Laminated 500gsm PVC Banner Fabric
1-2 yrs
500 gsm
  Metamark MD-FL510 Premium Coated 510gsm PVC Banner Fabric
3 yrs
510 gsm
  Metamark MD-FL550 Premium FR Latex 550gsm PVC Banner Fabric
3 yrs
550 gsm
  Metamark MD-FLB
Lightweight Blockout 510gsm PVC Banner Fabric
<1 yrs
510 gsm
  Durability refers to the unprinted media. For the durability of the printed media, refer to the inks.
  Refer to the data sheet for compatibility of these products on UV and Latex Printers
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