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Metamark T Series
Translucent Sign Vinyl / Vinyl for Lightboxes
A premium grade polymeric calendered translucent signmaking vinyl for use with light boxes where the film is to be backlit. The satin 80 micron film features a crystal clear adhesive and a lay-flat release liner. Metamark T Series Translucent Vinyl offers outstanding brilliance and consistent colour transmission.
Metamark T Series
  Metamark T Series Translucent Sign Vinyl
  - Self Adhesive Vinyl for Lightboxes
  - 80 Micron Polymeric Calendered Vinyl
  - Permanent Solvent Based Adhesive
  - 140gsm Layflat PE Kraft Liner
  - Durability: 7 years
  - Fire Rating - Class B. Refer to notes »
  - Finishes: 35 Satin Colours
  Metamark T Series - Colour Chart
   MT-620  MT-600  MT-660
   MT-621  MT-610  MT-665
   MT-630  MT-651  MT-666
   MT-635  MT-676  MT-667
   MT-633  MT-653  MT-668
   MT-636  MT-654  MT-669
   MT-640  MT-659  MT-678
   MT-641  MT-675  MT-679
   MT-642  MT-677  MT-683
   MT-643  MT-670  MT-684
   MT-647  MT-672  MT-685

   For colour matching notes on CMYK and Pantone
   please click here..>

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