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Polished and Brushed Metallised Films
Metallised films create stunning visual effects for a wide range of display, commercial and vehicle applications, often as an alternative to more expensive traditional materials. Metamark Exterior Polishes deliver 5 years durability, the Double Sided Polishes allow reverse application onto glass, while the Single Sided Polish is ideal for promotional use.
Polished and Brushed Metallised Films
  Reflective Vinyl
  Product Description
  Single Sided Polish
Silver and Gold for indoor use
125 mic
  Double Sided Polish
Silver and Gold Polyester for window use
50 mic
  Exterior Grade Polish
Silver and Gold with 5 year durability
5 yrs
65 mic
  Brushed Polish Brushed Aluminium and Brushed Gold
125 mic
  Exterior Grade Brushed Brushed Aluminium and Gold with 5yr dur.
5 yrs
65 mic
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