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Metamark is, The Materials Company. When you order materials from us you get something other distributors can't give you - a manufacturers expertise. Metamark materials are a reflection of your needs because that's the way we make them.

Signmakers and specialist graphics producers the world over who have a choice, choose to buy the materials their businesses depend on from Metamark. Metamark delivers something no ordinary materials distributor can - a Manufacturer's expertise. Metamark actually makes or converts what it sells. So Metamark directly controls every significant facet that impacts the performance of its products - from raw materials to the finish products’ packaging and presentation.

Metamark's manufacturing expertise is built around truly state-of-the-art, custom designed and built production plant and technologies. Metamark has also designed its own innovative manufacturing controls and processes and insists on the best raw material inputs available anywhere in the world. At the heart of Metamark's products are specialist, proprietary film and adhesive formulations which support the production of exclusive materials with outstanding performance characteristics through production and into end-user applications. Metamark's investment in plant and materials design help it innovate, manufacture and develop the market.

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Metamark is an extraordinarily versatile, customer and market driven manufacturer. It doesn't need to press one material species into a range of applications to which it's only marginally suited. Metamark can apply its expertise to produce a huge range of application-targeted materials.

Extensive experience in the development of novel, in-line and post-production processes and treatments ensures Metamark's materials are remarkably compliant with contemporary print and production processes. The print receptive, digital materials demonstrate class-leading ink and imaging-medium handling characteristics, working comfortably at higher ink limits and with more ink species than many. The stringent quality and selection criteria that drive the production of Metamark's digital materials are applied across the entire production spectrum.

Metamark's film surfaces are designed and engineered with a micro structure making them better suited to the demands of colour-critical, high-quality thermal mass transfer processes. Metamark's SignVinyl or cutting films benefit from Digital quality standards and are built around performance tuned adhesive and film constructions that perform as well in the hand during cutting and weeding as they do in the finished application.

Metamark's manufacturing capacity can be applied to water-borne and solvent-based adhesive formulations coated in critically controlled weights on a diverse range of filmic materials. Custom crafted liners with precisely engineered release characteristics play a critical role in material performance and powerfully distinguish Metamark products from those of its competitors. Look for Metamark on the liner and you know you're getting Metamark manufactured material from The Materials Company

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